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Floor Joist Leveling & Replacement

Correctly Support Your Home

Our professional team at Rogers has the experience and expertise to level your floor or to do a full replacement of your joists. We specialize in all phases of leveling and repairs for your floor to be perfectly even and a correct base support for your home.

At Rogers Masonry & Concrete-“One call does it all”

Structurally Sound Homes

We are highly skilled at lifting a home, re-surfacing the ground correctly and properly leveling your floor. Whether your floor is dirt in a crawl-space or concrete, we understand the details of replacing and leveling floor joists for a structurally sound home at its base.

What you need to know about joists and leveling:

Joists are the supports for your home that are horizontal between your foundation walls, and when your foundation sinks.
Joists become unevenly balanced and your floors will shift and become uneven.
We can inspect and repair your joists or replace them if needed.
When doing floor joist repairs we can also repair your other foundational issues as they need to be done at the same time to ensure the integrity of your home.

Qualified and Skilled Experts

We will provide you with a full inspection of your joists and floors, level your floor and resurface the ground to provide the proper base for your home’s foundation and joists. Our qualified team has many years of experience and customer satisfaction in floor joist leveling and replacement- we pride ourselves of doing the job right.

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